Sarah Jakes Roberts: Unknown What You Know

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts shares this sermon, which is titled “Unknown What You Know”.

Pastor Sarah teaches us in this message about the unknown and what we know. When God was creating the earth, he ended each creation by saying that it was good. God made sure that the things he created were doing their purpose, so that the sun would never fall from the sky and the fish would remain in water. Seeds on earth will continue to bring forth fruits season after season. God told Adam that he could eat from every tree except one and that his obedience would seal the deal. God did his part, and everything is good, but if it’s going to stay good, you’ve got to be obedient. Your obedience will make sure that everything in this system will continue to function in the way that God has designed it to. Pastor Sarah says, “Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t want them to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but God, in his gracious generosity, wisdom, and love for us, did not want us to eat from that tree, not because he didn’t want us to know any good. God wanted us to know only good and God, but when Adam and Eve ate from that tree, they had knowledge of what God didn’t want them to know.

We have to face unknown things in our lives in order to focus only on God and good things. As Christians, the only thing that God wants us to do is obey him. When we obey him, the things he created in the system continue to function. Obedience is what God wants from us, and sometimes it is really hard for us because of the things that we know. We have to learn to obey and trust God with all our hearts.


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