SCOAN Prayer Request – How To Get Prayers From TB Joshua Ministries


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scoan prayer request

SCOAN Prayer Request – How To Get Prayers From TB Joshua Ministries

scoan prayer request

The physical structure of The SCOAN has experienced distinctive stages. Each stage filled a need! Prior to moving to our present position, The SCOAN has had three past areas. The top of the principal church was brushed off by a tempest, the second church was washed away by a surge while the third church likewise fallen because of extreme climate conditions. Will we say all these occurred without God’s learning? No. In each circumstance, God is as yet saying something. Today, The SCOAN is a design artful culmination situated in the core of Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos. Now SCOAN Prayer Request has made many.

There is a concealed deliver the undertakings of each man of confidence. God is the concealed hand that conveys everything to pass.

As a Christian, whatever circumstance you are in, complete an appropriate reflection. I mean take a seat and consider life itself and you will find that nothing occurs to no end, nothing stops by possibility.

The Synagogue, Church of All Countries did not simply stopped by chance – it was as it ought to be by celestial will. Ideal from the begin, God Omnipotent has been the awesome driver behind our fortunes and the motivation behind the entire set up.

We need to accept this open door to recognize how He has mediated in our illicit relationships all the way long. On the off chance that God had not defeat for us, there would be no compelling reason to recount this story…

God has set a period for everything: an opportunity to be conceived, an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to confront abuse, an opportunity to survive and an opportunity to demonstrate the returns of triumph.

In the event that you take a gander at life, you would see that everything enormous begins close to nothing. A relentless house of prayer begins with one block. An excursion of a thousand miles begins with a solitary advance. You were at one time a small fetus in your mom’s womb, however today, perceive how enormous you have moved toward becoming.

Luke 13:18 – Then Jesus solicited, “How is the kingdom from God? What will I contrast it with? It resembles a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It developed and turned into a tree, and the feathered creatures of the air roosted in its branches.”

A Christian home does not drop by luckiness. It’s anything but a thing of shot or mishap. You don’t simply wind up in it; it is something you have through cognizant exertion or authentic ability. So additionally, The Synagogue, Church Of All Countries that you see today did not simply happen, it was manufactured.

Numerous years back, a little assembling of eight individuals met up to hold their first gathering in an unassuming safe house in a foul, swampy wilderness, in the area of Agodo-Egbe in Lagos, Nigeria. For everything God made, He distributed a particular and unequivocal reason. The reason and mission of the congregation was straightforward and clear – to look for and spare the lost (Luke 19:10).

As time went on, it turned out to be progressively certain that T.B. Joshua was not only a conventional minister, lecturing ‘standard’ words and doing ‘normal things’. Appropriate from the beginning, he has trusted that serving God isn’t doing what many do yet doing what the best do.

“Everyone has a calling. If you follow the direction of your calling, you will surprise yourself, you will astonish yourself – you will make a difference in your world.”

You can make a SCOAN Prayer Request from the Church’s official website.

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The World Is Not Ours ...


  1. Good morning pastor,my name is basirat joy edoimioya and my husband name is omorodion,pls sir we are believing God for the fruits of the womb and document of stay in Europe,pls we need your prayers sir,may God continue to bless your anointing sir.thanks sir.

  2. Pastor,I,m in a relationship for 2years..not knowing what I mean to this person..When I try to end..I,m really in pain..please pray for this situation?
    Thank you.

  3. Man of God help us to praye us to get nice job many year i hold qualificaction but not start job and marriege nochild .Man God help us.Namibian .Thanks you help.

  4. Man of God please pray for me I need physical healing and deliverance,i am a sinner I want to start my life with God, please man of God help me pray for me so that I can feel the presence of God, yes I believe in God Miracles

  5. Hollow man of God,i have been trying to contact your office,searching your email a dress but could not ge directed.i so hope that this massage reaches you this time for im desperatly ineed of deleverence,I am Nyangintsimbi Nangamso From south africa in easterncape plz pry for me my Email is if only i could recieve your massage on my email then it would be best for to list all i am pleading you to pray for me amen

  6. Man of God, please pray for my immediate needs my wife Regina and I really need physical healings, family financial needs and job promised but delayed for a while now. Please pray for these now for Gods miracle, amen.

  7. Please man of God, pray for my immediate needs, my wife Regina I need physical Healings, family financial needs and Job promised but delayed for a longer period now. Please pray for these immediate needs for God our heavenly father to intervene. Amen.

  8. Me and my entire house needs God’s urgent interventions.
    The wicked has ben attacking us and trying to overtake us and we need urgent prayers to turn back all that have happened against us from in the past until now
    Last night some evil happened and the wicked has been attacking the household( not sure how many) Please pray against all it’s wiles and plots and plans against us and that God will destroy all that are to be destroyed that they have prevail against us in in Jesus’ holy name- until nothing is left.

  9. Emmanuel, praise the Lord and our saviour Jesus Christ.lhave been jobless for the last 5years the year 2014 and since then l have been making some applications around my country kenya ,but with no success. Please man of God help am me,am tired being in this situation,please papa!

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