Shepherd Bushiri’s International Prophecy about Flooding Fulfilled

Shepherd Bushiri’s International Prophecy about Flooding Fulfilled

Shepherd Bushiri’s International prophecy in December about flood disaster in Malawi and Brazil reportedly fulfilled. The Founding president of Enlightened Christian Gathering International Church has on his Instagram handle, disclosed the fulfillment of his prophecy about flooding in Brazil and Malawi. He shared a video clip of himself prophesying about the flood and the news broadcast of the flooding.

On 31st December, 2023, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had prophesized that Brazil and Malawi were going to witness flooding. He however had warned the worshippers to pray against the foreseen disaster.

“As we are in Brazil, I also saw Floods, serious floods. We have to pray for Brazil” He said “I saw some weathers and these are heavy weathers, Let Malawi be protected from fresh floods. We pray against destruction…”

A report had it that on 20th February, Brazil witnessed a heavy downpour which lead to land slide and flooding in the coastal towns of  the country. Again, it was reported that on 12th March, Malawi experienced a heavy flooding and mudslides. Consecutively, the disasters claimed several lives and damaged properties, leaving thousands displaced. Hence, fulfilling Bushiri’s prophecy.

Nevertheless, in the video caption, it was disclosed that the church’s partners in Brazil are praying and as well offering assistance to victims. In addition, Prophet Bushiri was disclosed to be visiting the flood affected areas from tomorrow. Equally, followers and friends were urged to pray for Brazil and Malawi while rendering their supports to them.

“Our partners in Brazil are busy praying and helping those that are affected. Prophet Bushiri will be visiting the floods affected areas from tomorrow. He is also calling for all followers and friends to pray for these countries, stand with them and offer any support they can”

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