Short Prayer For Healing – Pray With Faith And Be Healed


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Short Prayer For Healing

Short Prayer For Healing – Pray With Faith And Be Healed

Short Prayer For Healing

God works through the natural, through medicine, skilled doctors and researchers. Via these Short Prayer For Healing, you will also see that God also works in the supernatural via the many stories of physical healing recorded in the bible, and the testimonies of people who have been healed by the risen Christ today. Prayer addresses all things if done with faith, believe and determination.

Say These Prayers Below:

Lord God,

We dwell in you house,
Drink in your presence
And find peace and rest in your arms.

We believe in your name,
Ask for your healing
And believe and trust in your love.

We thank you for your sacrifice,
Receive all you have for us
And pray and ask for restoration.

We need your touch.
We wait on you.
You are our Saviour, our friend, and our hope.


Short prayer for healing


I hunger for your spirit
Holy and life-giving, guiding and transforming
Free and abundant.
I long to drink from the water of life,
To run through your endless streams,
To be made anew and healed.

So I won’t give up on you.
I’ll shelter in the shadow of your love.
Whilst I wait for your touch,
I’ll clothe myself in resurrection grace today, and every day.


Prayer for healing and Power.


We wait upon you.
Knee deep in the water of life,
Expectant and hopeful.
May the waves of the Holy Spirit
Be upon us,
Ministering to the pain,
Smoothing over wounds
And wrapping us with peace.

Our eyes are on you,
Your Majesty,
Your Kingdom love,
Your creative power.

Our hearts are open,
To receive,
Child to Father,
All you have for us.

We wait upon you,
You are our Saviour
And our King.


NOTE – Remember to say all prayers with faith and a positive mindset.

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The World Is Not Ours ...


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