Should Christianity Conform To Modern Standard?

Should Christianity conform to modern standards

Should Christianity conform to modern standards?

Should Christianity conform to modern standards? With the way everything is happening in our world, both the good and the bad,.

We, the children of God, have to be careful with our decisions. There are people who are urging Christians to conform to the standards of the world.

Some sins are normalized, and the number of people getting involved is increasing. Pastors and priests are agreeing to modern standards so that they can please the world.

The devil is working hard, and he’s doing his best to destroy the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are good modern standards that have helped Christians in a good way, like pastors preaching on social media.

Social media has helped so many people by getting them back to God after listening to a sermon. There are Christian influencers who are teaching about Jesus Christ to their followers.

As children of God, we must be aware of everything happening in our lives and around us. Dressing in a worldly way and telling people that there’s nothing wrong with it is bad.

Jesus Christ has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us through life and make decisions. Everyone of us has the ability to differentiate between the good and the bad.

It’s time for us to stop pretending that we can tell the wrong from the right. Not everything that we see online or hear from people is from God.

Have a personal relationship with God. 

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It doesn’t matter how many Christian influencers and pastors you follow online. What matters is your personal relationship with your heavenly father.

When you are not close to God, the agents of darkness can deceive you with their message. Not everyone who preaches online is a servant of God.

The main thing that matters is how close we are to God. If we are closer to our heavenly father, that will give us the ability to hear from him.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to us all the time and always guiding us, but we are not listening. We are not expected to deal with everything on this earth on our own.

Jesus Christ, who is our father, wants us to depend on him with all our hearts. The forces of darkness are doing their best to destroy us and steal our peace.

The Lord is our shepherd, and he’s always guiding us, but some of us are stubborn. Some modern standards are good, and they can help us spread the gospel, like

  • Preaching on social media
  • Hosting conferences (business, health, skills learning, reading about God, charity)
  • Christians Party (no illegal substances, godly music)
  • Book Club (Christian motivating books, Bible, business books)
  • Fashion Show (for Christian designers to showcase their designs)
  • Craft Club (learning new skills and how to make money from them) 

These are ways we can spread the gospel and lead people to their heavenly father, who is God.

Bad Modern Standards to Stay Away From 
  • Encouraging young adults and teenagers to listen to ungodly music.
  • Normalizing sins in the church and pretending not to notice them 
  • Supporting people to consume illegal substances (drugs, weeds, and alcohol) 
  • Trying to please the world while displeasing God
  • Not reading the Bible in church. 
  • Telling people that reading the Bible is not important. 
  • Allowing people to wear ungodly clothes 

We are not to judge or condemn anyone who is living a different lifestyle from ours, but we are not to accept it into ours.

The best thing we can do is to pray for everyone so that God can bring them back. The Holy Spirit can make them listen to God’s

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