Stephanie Ike Message: Your Block Might Be God’s Breakthrough

Better Together TV shares this message by Pastor Stephanie Ike titled “Your Block Might Be God’s Breakthrough” where she discusses how to trust God’s leading. In this conversation, Laurie Crouch, Victoria Osteen, Jeannie Munsey, and Jamie Kern Lima join Stephanie Ike to discuss how to pursue dreams with hope and confidence by standing on God’s promises.

Herein, you will learn how to stand on God’s truth as only Him can give us the hope and the confidence to fulfill our dreams. She said she thinks one of the things that so many of us have is this assignment we feel on our hearts and it’s not coming to pass or we have this big dream or this thing that we feel God’s calling us to do but then the days go by or the weeks or the months or the years or the decades and it’s not happening

The pastor made us to understand that in her journey she found that learning to trust and then just keep going during that time is hard. She feels most people get tempted to stop trusting so they quit after one rejection or after one closed door or after 10 closed doors.

Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Stephanie Ike “Your Block Might Be God’s Breakthrough” as we bring the latest messages from Stephanie Ike to you.

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