Stephen Chandler Sermons – Fear Marks The Spot

Stephen Chandler Sermons - Fear Marks The Spot

Stephen Chandler Sermons Fear Marks The Spot

Today we bring you a message by Pastor Stephen Chandler on a topic “Fear Marks The Spot”. The text for the scripture is taken from the book of Numbers 13:27-28, 30-31.

Pastor Stephen asks the question; What are you scared of? Satan will always place major fears in front of the destination that God is calling us to. If he can scare us, he can keep us from walking into what God has destined for us.  Like where we read in the scriptures, the people were about to possess the land that God has promised them until they saw the giants in the land.

God has a plan to prosper us and god’s plan for our life is better that the plan we have for ourselves. His plan brings more financial blessings, peace and joy. The problem is that we feel so in control with our plan that if we go with God’s plan, we will feel out of control.

God’s plan is better but the issue is that there will always be fear present when God wants to do a great thing.  The things we fear does not surprise God and we need to start looking at these fears and hazards from a different angle. Stop looking at fear as an indication that you are not good enough.  The enemy will always want to scare you off.

Your biggest blessings and opportunities are on the other side of your fears. Choose to take the next steps despite your fears.

This is a message that you will definitely enjoy.

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