Stephen Chandler Sermons – I Don’t Do Organized Religion

Stephen Chandler Sermons - I Don't Do Organized Religion

Stephen Chandler Sermons I Don’t Do Organized Religion

Today we bring you a message by Pastor Stephen Chandler on a topic “I Don’t Do Organized Religion”.  This message is the week 2 of the series “I Don’t Want To Go To Church”.

Pastor Chandler started the sermon by saying that there are a lot of persons who do not go to church because of the misconception they have about the Church. There are others who are in church but they are still being cynical and skeptical about church.

The phrase “I do not do organized religion ” is one that we hav seen a lot of people come to say over and again. They believe that religion is messy and manipulative and a lot of other things. A lot of people say that they do relationship now but not religion. However, Pastor Stephen tell us that if you are growing in a relationship with a God you do not personally know, then you are wasting your time. He says that relationship is good but you cannot grow in the relationship outside of the systems God has put in place. This is because the church was never man’s idea. The church is not an organization but a living organism.

Speaking on why a lot of people do not want to go to church anymore, he said “many of us have been in churches where we’ve been humiliated, where we’ve been abused and where we’ve seen leaders leading to themselves instead of leading unto Jesus and , because of that you said you know what I’m just gonna throw the whole thing out I want no part of it”.

He went further to list some of the fears of people who do not go to church. However, he added that while we are looking for a perfect church, that the church is filled with broken people and leaders. The church is not about anyone but rather for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

There are three points given in this message on why church is not only important but it is the hope of the whole world.

This is a message that you will love.

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