Stephen Chandler Sermons – Why Does God Allow Storms?

Stephen Chandler Sermons - Why Does God Allow Storms?

Stephen Chandler Sermons Why Does God Allow Storms?

Today we bring you a message by Pastor Stephen Chandler on a topic “Why Does God Allow Storms?”. The text for the scripture is taken from the book of Acts 27:14-25. This message is the first in the sermon series called “Shipwrecked on Purpose”.

In this passage, we read the story of Paul the Apostle when he found himself in the midst of the storm to the point that he almost lost his life. Why does God let the storms happen in our life?

Some of us are facing different storms in our life. It may be a mental health storm or a family member or a health concern or a financial storm. There is one thing we should have in mind and that is the storms of life are inevitable. Some are getting into a storm, some are already in it while some are coming out.

Life is not about avoiding the storms but maximizing it. A storm can either make you or break you. In the storm you may discover a creativity that God has put in you but then it is all a matter of perspective.

A lot of us are going through a storm but we are too proud to actually admit that we need help. We have taken pride in our high level threshold for pain.

Pastor Chandler tells us that If Jesus is on the boat, no storm can stop you from achieving your destiny. God will use our storms to prepare and mold us for the season ahead.

This is a message that you will love.

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