Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon – Your Struggle Is A Setup

Pastor Steven Furtick Sermon - Your Struggle Is A Setup

Pastor Steven Furtick has delivered this sermon and message titled “Your Struggle Is A Setup” which we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on. Steven Furtick who is the senior pastor and founder of Elevation Church in this sermon teaches that whatever you’re going through right now could be a setup. He herein reveals how God sometimes sets up your struggles for a greater purpose.

Revealing that there is a new song titled Jireh, his wife Holly Furtick took to Instagram on November 17 2020 to write:

“We’ve been singing a new song called Jireh. It is not released yet but it is on repeat in my mind from church this weekend and it has been ministering to my soul.

Confidence in my calling comes from a place of acceptance. It comes when I truly understand who I already am in Christ.

I’m already loved.
I’m already chosen.
I know who I am.

God is not waiting for me to become someone different so that He can use me. He loves me just as I am in this moment and He wants to use me right where I am today. I hope you can take a few seconds today to breath and focus your attention on how loved you are right now, just as you are.”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Steven Furtick – Your Struggle Is A Setup – as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

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