Steven Furtick: Shut The Devil Down

Pastor Steven Furtick shares one of his sermons titled “Shut The Devil Down.” In this three minute motivational message, Pastor Furtick shares with us how to “weather the storm”.

He started with telling us “Do you know how many things the Devil  has kept you from doing in your life  that God called you to do because  of what might happen if you did?”

Pastor Steven stated for a lot of us, the Enemy doesn’t even have  to fight us with real events or circumstances.  Even the suggestion of a disaster is  enough to send some of us into retreat. Even the thought, “What if they don’t like  me?” is enough to keep you in the house   or even the thought “What if they break  my heart?” is enough to keep you from extending yourself in relationship or even  the though. He pointed out that many of us are reluctant to get involved in church because you  had a previous bad church experience.

Speaking further, he tell us that one thing after you have survived a storm, the bad weather, etc is that even  after the storm is over, it still rages on on the inside of you. Pastor Steven pointed out that the saddest thing in the world  is to see a Christian who has been set free by  the love of Christ is not to know that neither height  nor depth nor anything else is be able to separate us from the  love of God.

Additionally, Pastor Steven tells us that some of  us need to fire the Devil as our weatherman. We have been consulting the  wrong source to find out what our future looks like. So now we stay indoors and  we stay in fear and we stay in paranoia,  and we never plant and we never reap.  Solomon said it’s because we watch the wind. 

Do you ever feel like stuff just backfires on  you when you’re trying to be nice to somebody?  Have you ever just been smacked by your own seed?  Some of you have had the wind against you your whole life. You didn’t have the right  shoes. Your parents didn’t make a lot of money. You had to learn to fit in. You had to learn how  to be tough. You had to learn how to be hard,  
and you learned how to survive a storm.  The only problem with that is sometimes the wind isn’t even against you,  but you still feel like it is  because your mind is collecting evidence in  support of a verdict that is no longer accurate.

This is a message that will inspire you.

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