Sunday Sermon By Bishop TD Jakes: Delayed Gratification

This is the Sunday sermon by Bishop TD Jakes for October 31 2021 titled: “Delayed Gratification” where he teaches that in contrast to instant gratification, delayed gratification is when you acknowledge the value in something and act patiently to receive it. The Bishop of The Potters House of Dallas said you must wait in the Spirit, work in the flesh, and watch how God will elevate you higher than you ever thought possible. According to him, the cost to get it includes submission, strategy, surrender, and suffering. This message is taken from the Scripture: Luke 22:42-51,55-62 (KJV).

Assuring you that the favor of God is upon your life, The Potters House of Dallas took to Instagram to write:

“Are you still questioning God’s favor after all you’ve endured? Friend, God has comforted you with His “rod and staff” since Day One, and He’s not stopping now (Psalm 23, NIV)!”

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