Sunday Sermon By Bishop TD Jakes: The Riddle

This is the Sunday sermon by Bishop TD Jakes for November 14 2021 titled “The Riddle” where he asks … Who has victory and vulnerability in the same body? Who is intelligent but can’t make sense of their own lives? Who is a warrior but must fight barehanded? He went on to say the answer is you. The Bishop said you are the riddle that you can’t solve because you’re an imperfect person bolstered by an all-perfect God but the imperfection is precisely what God needs to make you strong, to fight your lions with nothing, and to walk in victory and be confident in your vulnerability. This message is from the Scripture: Judges 14:1-20 NIV.

Watch and learn from this Sunday sermon by Bishop TD Jakes: “The Riddle” delivered on November 14 2021 as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors around the world to you.

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