T.D Jakes Sympathizes With Families of Texas Mall Shooting Victims

T.D Jakes sympathizes with families of Texas mall shooting victims. In a Sunday Instagram post, the Bishop of The Potters House expressed sympathy to families of Texas fatal shooting victims.

“Our hearts go out to the many families who are heartbroken and left feeling mortified by the sudden and senseless mass shooting at the Allen Outlet Mall in Texas yesterday,” he wrote.

“I hope our prayers envelop not only the families, but also the entire community — Hospital workers, EMTs, the elected officials, police officers, and witnesses, all of whom are dealing with a palpable grief,” he added.

Jakes further cries out on government negligence over the constant mass killing experienced in the country. “How much more will have to happen before politics acquiesce to common sense and solutions that unite us to end this bullet-ridden pandemic that is infecting our children and citizens?” he wrote.

He urged citizens to vote wisely to elect officials who are willing to provide solutions to this life-claiming insurgence.
“May our feet rush to the polls to elect officials who will find solutions for this cryptic and toxic environment in which we are being forced to live,” Jakes stated.

People were in panic as a gunman identified by officials as Mauricio Garcia shot dead eight people and wounded at least seven others at a busy shopping mall north of the city of Dallas in the United States on Saturday afternoon. Dashcam video showed the culprit getting out of a car and shooting at people on the sidewalk. The motive for the attack is still unknown.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott,  calling the shooting an “unspeakable tragedy”, stated that the state is ready to render any assistance local authorities may need to calm the insurgence.

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