The Day TB Joshua Took Alcohol From A Prostitute

The Day TB Joshua Took Alcohol From A Prostitute

We guarantee you – the confession you are about to watch is unlike ANY you have ever heard before…

Prepare to meet an agent of destruction and queen of seduction who finally found salvation.

“The witchdoctor said I should sit in the front seat of the church, wearing a sexy dress… Once the ‘pastor’ sets his eyes on me, within fifteen minutes, he would call me out, pretend to give me a Bible quotation but actually give me his phone number… Whether he’s married or not, he must sleep with me that same day.”

“Don’t have faith in faith. Have faith in the finished works of Jesus Christ.” – Prophet T.B. Joshua

PRAYER POINT: Those things in your life that are unwilling to yield to prayer, cancel them! Continue to cancel them!

“Whatever way you have been caged or imprisoned – financially, health-wise, physically or spiritually – right now, BE RELEASED, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Be released from all forms of demonic bondage as you partake in this anointed time of prayer for viewers with Prophet T.B. Joshua!

How should we honour Jesus’ name in our daily lives as believers? This simple sermon from T.B. Joshua provides a string of stirring truths which will surely impact your spiritual life in a memorable manner! And remember – no matter what you are going through, hold fast to your declaration of God’s faithfulness!

“It is the Word that has taught us the value of the name Jesus, the authority of the name Jesus and our legal right to the use of the name.” – T.B. Joshua (Watch Below)

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NB – Say all prayers with Faith

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