The Potters House Church Celebrates 28th Anniversary

The Potters House Church Celebrates 28th Anniversary

The Potters House Church Celebrates 28th Anniversary

The Potters House Church, a non-denominational, multicultural church in Dallas, Texas, led by Bishop T.D. Jakes, celebrated its 28th anniversary on Sunday with a service that drew a crowd of enthusiastic members and an inspiring message.

The anniversary celebration featured a powerful and inspiring message delivered by Bishop Tudor Bismark, the esteemed founder of Jabula New Life Ministries International.

His sermon, titled “I am an Old Soldier,” focused on finding strength in challenges and using that strength to serve one’s faith and community.

In the message available on YouTube, Bishop Bismark emphasized that difficulties are inevitable and should be seen as opportunities for growth, equipping individuals to better serve God’s purpose.

He also highlighted the key qualities of determination, passion, and tenacity, not just for a soldier but also for someone committed to their faith.

He further likened “battle scars” to the challenges overcome, strengthening individuals in defending their faith, family, and church. The message concluded with a call to perseverance, reminding listeners that others depend on their strength.

Taking to social media, Bishop T.D. Jakes expressed his gratitude, acknowledging the divine role in the church’s success. “It was all God this morning! Only he could have written a story like this one,” he wrote in a post accompanied by a video recap of the event.

Jakes also emphasized the church’s dedication to spreading the gospel message, stating, “For 28 years, TPH Dallas has been in service of His kingdom and has spread the news of Jesus Christ throughout the world.”

Founded in 1996, The Potters House has steadily grown, boasting over 30,000 members and consistently ranking among the most influential churches in the United States.

The lively atmosphere and inspiring message marked a successful celebration for the Potters House Church, solidifying its commitment to spreading the faith for years to come.


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