The Spirit Of Excellence By Prophet Shepherd Bushiri


The World Is Not Ours...

The spirit of excellence

The Spirit Of Excellence By Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

The spirit of excellence

The spirit of excellence

The prophet has called for wisdom and excellence. He has cancelled the spirit of poverty. He has called on God to grant us excellence. As the for the saints who have received here tonight, be assured that the power of the God of Major 1 has completed His mission in your life today. God has summoned His angels to resolve whatever matters concern you.

The excellent music from the Prophetic worshippers set a standard. The powerful invocation of Women on Fire came from a blazing woman as a forceful reminder to be here on Saturday for the awesome gathering of Daughters of Major 1. We saw the grace dispensed and we learnt about the power of wisdom. We witnessed The Seer unleashed in the overflow! The prophet ministered in power and we embraced the prophetic authority. Remember to continue praying in tongues throughout the Month of Esther.

Be sure to stay connected to remain protected. Keep watching Prophetic Channel, I love you. Shalom!

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Healing In The Arena!

The spirit of excellence

As prophecy continued Major 1 pin-points a faithful servant of the house in the main hall.

“Last week I had a dream about you and I saw a problem on your leg. And I saw doctors informing you that they want to cut of your leg,” narrated the Oracle.

The lady, in utter amazement as to how the Prophet came to the knowledge of this ordeal, agreed and was filled with pure excitement from being located.

The prophet then went on to pray for the leg that was giving her problems and spoke a word unto her life.

“ You cannot keep a problem here when you have a prophet in your midst. No more problems after tonight,” said he.

May all your problems also disappear as you connect to the prayer of our father tonight.

God is indeed still speaking today!

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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