Tony Evans Sermons – The Risk of Faith

Tony Evans Sermons The Risk of Faith

The Oak Hills Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas shares this short message by Pastor Tony Evans titled “The Risk of Faith”. Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder, and president of The Urban Alternative, and author of over 100 books, booklets, and Bible studies. The text for the message is taken from the book of Mathew 14:22-23.

In this sermon, pastor Tony tells us that Faith must be exercised in order to be real. You have to walk/work to show your faith and not just to say it with your mouth.

We are used o taking risks all the time and it is a major part of our life. We should learn to take risks and gamble on God. There are people in the bible who took the risks while unsure of how things would turn out and it turned out well for them.

However, while we are taking the risks of faith our faith should be on God. If we want the miraculous, then we need to lose sight of all the distractions. God wants you to focus on him because of what he plans to do.

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