United Family International Church – UFIC Contact , Emmanuel Makandiwa

United Family International Church – UFIC Contact

UFIC Contact
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife Ruth


How to contact UFIC – The United Family International Church is a Prophetic Development that is on a command to set up and extend the kingdom of God on Earth. Furnishing people and families with book of scriptures enlivened insight and information that empowers them to open their awesome potential and live successfully in all circles; UFIC administrations are soul filled and we keep on witnessing the astonishing intensity of God.

As a component of the Church’s main goal, the Church takes part in transformational ventures and philanthropy works for its networks, those in desperate need and the less favored; enabling the Adoration for God to course through it to the world.

On its Mission, the Church revealed that it is To join the group of Christ; that is the congregation through connecting with the lost, poor, less favored individuals from the general public, dowagers, vagrants and the down and out, at last affecting disclosure learning of Jesus Christ and fellowshipping with God The father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.

Remember that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is the lead pastor of UFIC and he is reported to have performed many miracles even to the extent of giving Cash during one of his numerous miracles. His wife Ruth Makandiwa is also a Prophetess ans a Philanthropist who is eager to take care of Children.

UFIC’s values are Selflessness, Charity, Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment, and Transparency.

Contact UFIC via [email protected]

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4 thoughts on “United Family International Church – UFIC Contact , Emmanuel Makandiwa”

  1. Man of God I have read and seen many testimonies from your website and I am thrilled and inspired to seek prayer and counselling from you. I live in Houston Texas but I am from Nigeria. I am a born again pastor but because of diagnosis of High Blood pressure and diabetes I have complication of heart failure. I do not have the fund to travel to Zimbabwe kindly pray for me. I still want to continue to serve God. Thanks.

  2. Dear Servant of High God , creator author of universe, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, please pray for me, I had an accident in car which killed a lady, pray that God will destroy my court file and no case will be brought against me, the incident was the lady fault without car I was driving cross behind of a coaster bus and all of a sudden I hid her and rush to the hospital pronounce death

  3. Dear Servant of God Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, I am from a country that is at the northern tip of Australia, called Papua New Guinea. I have seen and heard you on “You Tubes” amount your miracles and instant healing and I can see that God Almighty is using you to heal the sick and deliver. My wife,has a growth and lump under her left hand side bre-ast and its been there for over 2 years. We’ve been under Gods’ grace and mercy for that long. With faith that we have in our God, we ask for your prayer and healing upon her that the lump can go away completely. We have faith that your prayer can heal us from this physical pain. Amen!!


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