Watch Jackie Hill Perry at RockPointe Church

Watch Jackie Hill Perry at RockPointe Church

RockPointe Church shares this session with Jackie Hill Perry and it is a session you will love to watch. Jackie who is an American poet, writer, and hip hop artist from St. Louis. Hill Perry initially found popularity for her performances of spoken word pieces and she has changed a lot of people in and around the United States of America through her teachings. She is married to Preston Perry and they have three lovely children as at the time of this report.

Commenting on her book ‘Holier Than Thou’ on Instagram, Jackie Hill Perry wrote:

“When writing “Holier Than Thou”, my aim was simple. I wrote what I’ve wanted to read. The words that explain the beauty of God in His holiness have already been written to us through the inspired words of Scripture, so know that I’m not going to say anything new. I’m just being faithful to what I believe Scripture has described of which I haven’t heard enough of. So if there is anything I want this work to do, it’s to show you God. There is no one greater. No one better. No one worthy of our entire selves and I believe that as you see Him as He is, you’ll want to be just like Him too. Holy.”

Watch and learn from this session of Jackie Hill Perry at RockPointe Church as we bring the latest sermons from pastors and gospel artists around the world to you daily.

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