Watch Nick Vujicic In Romania – Life Without Limbs

Watch Nick Vujicic In Romania - Life Without Limbs

This is Pastor and Motivational Speaker, Nick Vujicic , In Romania and it is a session you will like to see. The founder of ‘Life Without Limbs’ and the husband of Kanae Vujicic has changed the lives of many people through his teachings and motivational talks. Thanking all and the government of Romania ‘Life Without Limbs Ministries’ wrote: “We are so thankful for the open door to share the gospel in Romania and internationally all across Europe.”

Teaching on Instagram, ‘Life Without Limbs Ministries’ once wrote:

“God has given us all the authority in heaven and on earth to fulfill the #GreatCommission. If there’s anyone in your sphere of influence who has not heard yet about your testimony of how God has saved you, share it with them today. Who knows it may be exactly what they need to hear?”

Watch and learn from this session by Nick Vujicic In Romania as we bring the latest motivational videos from Nick Vujicic to you.

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