What Are Christian Virtues?

What Is Christian Virtues

What Are Christian Virtues?

What are Christian virtues? Christian virtues are behaviors of high moral standards, excepted in Christians.

We have all heard about Christian virtues and how we are expected to behave as followers of Christ. As Christians, we are to behave like Jesus Christ.

For us to have the Christian virtues, we have to accept the Holy Spirit into our lives. God gave us the Holy Spirit for directions in our lives.

When we accept the Holy Spirit, our lives will have more meaning and purpose.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the One who empowers the followers of Jesus with spiritual gifts and power that enable the proclamation of Jesus Christ and the power that brings conviction of faith. God’s presence in a believer’s life is known as the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is what Christians mean when they speak of God becoming a part of them and living in them. The Spirit is referred to in the Bible as God’s “breath.”

Jesus said, “Peace be with you!” once more. I am sending you, just as the Father has sent  me. He then breathed the Holy Spirit upon them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”
Luke 20:21–22

Therefore, if you put your faith in Christ, you are spiritually born again, and the Holy Spirit becomes the source of fresh life God places within you, just as you need oxygen to survive in your physical body. God changes you from the inside out, making you more like Jesus.

The Holy Spirit thinks about believers in Christ and responds to them. He knows the Father’s thoughts and communicates those thoughts to them.

Conclusion: For us to have the Christian virtues, we have to accept the Holy Spirit into our lives.


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