What Do you Value More In Life?

What Do you Value More In Life

What do you value more in life?

What do you value more in life?  We are all different, and so are our hearts desires in life. No human being is identical to the core, not even identical twins.

Our heavenly father didn’t create us all to copy one another because he loves difference. Even identical twins have different desires and challenges in life.

What we value in life is not going to be the same for the people in our lives. Some people value family, while others value achievement more.

Jesus Christ came on earth to make sure that we valued the right things. What we value is something that captures our hearts and will catch our attention.

Before the coming of Jesus Christ, everyone’s spiritual values were to be noticed as being good. Self-righteousness was one of the biggest problems in the past and is still a problem today.

Our heavenly father wants us to depend on him and not on ourselves because our strength is limited.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came and taught us everything that will help us make heaven and also enjoy our lives here on earth.

As children of God, our spiritual journey is really important because that can show how we have grown.

Enjoy your everyday life. 

What do you value more in life pt2

Most of us focus on things that are not working in our lives and how bad everything is. Some of us wish to have a different life where there is no sorrow and a lot of fun.

Even if God grants your wish by giving you a different life, you’ll still find a fault. The problem is not our lives; our problem is our mindset.

When we learn to enjoy everything in our lives, big and small, good or bad, Life is filled with trials and tribulations, and everyone is facing their own challenges.

If we want to make our lives perfect, then we must be careful with what we have. Your car may not be the latest or trendiest, but if it still works great, be thankful.

Take care of everything you have and also be thankful for it. When we are thankful, God will open new doors to great things in our lives.

The Bible told us that in all situations, give thanks to God; it doesn’t matter the condition. Being thankful opens our mind and heart to thinking in a positive way that attracts greater things.

Also, when you are positive, it opens your eyes to see opportunities that will help you better yourself.
Appreciate everything in your life like 
  • Your family 
  • Your job 
  • House where you live 
  • your car 
  • Be thankful for your health
  • If you are sick be hopeful that you’ll get better 
  • Appreciate your kids and partner 
  • Be grateful for the clothes you wear and so on. 

There are so may things in our lives that we are taking for granted that someone is praying for.

Every good thing comes from the Lord.

What do you value more in life pt3

Our Father in heaven is the creator of the whole universe, and he’s always in control. When we value the things of God by putting him first, everything will fall into place.

For the thought God has for us is good and not evil, so that we can have a beautiful future. One of the biggest lies that we have believed is that God doesn’t care about our future.

Only God can give a good and perfect gift in this world because he’s a good God. He gives gifts and adds no sorrow to us so that we can enjoy our lives.

There are rich people on this earth who are in pain, and some of them can’t find a solution. Most of us think that rich people don’t cry or have challenges.

Our advantage is that the creator of the universe is our father, and he will never leave us.

For us to enjoy the promises of our father, we must give our lives to him. Repentance is the best decision for everyone on this earth because it brings God into our lives.


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