Sarah Jakes Roberts – Woman Evolve Podcast – Season 7 Episode 10

Woman Evolve Podcast Season 7 Episode 10

Sarah Jakes Roberts has given us a new session of her “Woman Evolve Podcast” and this is the Season 7 Episode 10 of this very educative session. The wife of Pastor Toure Roberts and the daughter of Bishop TD Jakes featured her elder sister Cora Jakes Coleman. Sarah is a mother of six.

Inspiring women with the story of Rita from Uganda, Sarah Jakes Roberts wrote on Instagram :

“Some smiles come easy. Other smiles don’t come without a fight. I couldn’t imagine a better picture of Rita. She took the bricks that life threw at her and learned to rebuild with a smile on her face. A mother who lost her husband, home, land, and provision found hope through the work of @ijm .

I love to see a woman finding her smile again after facing immense challenges. Rita is now a business owner in Uganda . She gathers with a widow support group with the goal of empowering one another and creating income by selling mats. She’s also building her garden and making bricks to build a new home for her and her children.

When a real woman evolves she helps other women to do the same. It produces a cycle of breakthrough that begets a revolution. I’m partnering with @ijm because there are countless women around the world who haven’t realized their physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom. I want you to join with me in pulling another woman up by visiting”

Watch and learn from this Woman Evolve Podcast by Sarah Jakes Roberts Season 7 Episode 10 as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

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