Women On Fire LIVE – A Beautiful Future lies ahead by Prophetess Mary Bushiri


The World Is Not Ours...

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Women On Fire LIVE – A Beautiful Future lies ahead by Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Prophetess Mary Bushiri preached saying “When we hear that the God of our father loves us, know that He is the same God that watches over our mother, favouring her, anointing her for such a time as this as well as showing each of us that we, as women matter.

God has favoured the daughters of this house. He has brought a complete and powerful turnaround, He has shown us His grace and His love, He has walked us in and out of a wonderful day. He has moved mightily, sharing grace, showing mercy and bringing healing to His own.

Prophetess Mary has spoken over her brood with the authority of a mother, as well as the valour of her prophetic office. Restoration has been pronounced over every daughter, grappling life issues. Prosperity has been dispensed and no-one has a reason to not shine from today!

Prepare to surprise that will be on the faces of people as each daughter leaves this arena anointed for success! May the signs and wonders you have witnessed be your very own point of reference, may every word of edification and teaching be yours to keep!

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Do not lose the teaching we have harnessed here, choose to walk in the elegant steps of our mother in the Lord. Receive the anointing and keep it and use it!

Let God use this Conference to keep you (and your delivered household) on fire. Keep watching Prophetic Channel. Stay Protected because you are connected, I love you; Shalom!”

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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