You Don’t Have Because You Don’t Ask!

You Don't Have Because You Don't Ask!

You don’t have it because you don’t ask!

You Don’t Have Because You Don’t Ask!: There are so many blessings that God has provided for us here on earth.

Our father is the creator of the universe, and he can do anything for us. Most of us are living an average life because we don’t know how to ask things of God.

Some people are afraid of talking to God about their heart desires. Talk to God about what you want instead of complaining about things you don’t have.

If our desires are not aligned with the will of God, he’ll change them to something better. God so loved the world that he sent his son to die for us.

Every morning, when we wake up, let us know that we are special to God. We are allowed to come to God anytime in our lives because he loves us.

Don’t be afraid of coming to your father in prayer, for he listens all the time. Our prayer life is really important as Christians because that is our way of communicating with God.

We should never feel unloved just because we are facing some trials currently. Even in the midst of our trouble, we are still not alone because God is with us.

Go after your desires.

You Don't Have Because You Don't Ask! pt2

No matter what we are going through in life, there are some elements of greatness in us. For every desire in our hearts is placed there by God for us to achieve.

We are all created for a purpose and plan to fulfill here on earth. Every gift, talent, and passion that we have is given to us by God, and we have to give an account of them.

We are going to be questioned about what we did with the gifts, talents, and passion given to us. Don’t be afraid of using your talents or gifts for the good of the Lord.

God so loved us that he made us in his image, so we are great. Some people are going to judge your gifts, and others may not support you, but keep going.

Write out your goals and dreams. Give it to God in prayer, and he’ll be your strength. Jesus Christ knew that we still needed help here on earth, so when he was leaving, he gifted us the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will be your guide when you are going after your dreams. When your desires are not godly, the Holy Spirit, will redirect your heart.

Write it down and pray.

You Don't Have Because You Don't Ask! pt3

No matter what you are dreaming of here on earth, it is possible if it is aligned with God’s will. There will be challenges, but your faith in the Lord has to be strong.

We have a lot of weapons to fight the spiritual warfare, and we are still afraid. No opposition is stronger than the name of Jesus Christ in our lives.

  • The name of Jesus Christ is a weapon.
  • The Word of God is a weapon.
  • Faith is a weapon.
  • Praise is a weapon.
  • Prayer is a weapon, and so on.

Write down your dreams or goals and hand them over to God in prayer. Don’t be shy about everything that you need in life; remember that being honest with God is the best.

  • New Houses
  • Pay off debts.
  • Save more
  • Write a book.
  • Read a book.
  • Do you have a new car?
  • Get your health back.
  • Be fit
  • Be more kind and caring.
  • Read the Bible.
  • Learn how to sing, cook, and craft.
  • Sign up for that online class.
  • Clean your house and your car.

God is not seeing you as a greedy person just because you want some good gifts, but in everything, put God first.

Don’t be afraid of telling God your dreams or goals so that he can help you. Our own strength is limited, but God’s is unlimited.

When we serve the Lord, he will direct our path and be the light on our feet.

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