10 things you don’t know about Rabbi Kirt Schneider 

About Rabbi Schneider 

Jewish Rabbi Kirt Schneider was born in 1958 and he grew up in Beechwood, Ohio, a Jewish neighborhood. He finished his Hebrew education at the age of 13 and was once an accomplished wrestler. Rabbi Schneider is a Jewish Messenger of God, though he never heard of Jesus, he strongly believed in God. He has authored many books.

10 things you don’t know about Rabbi Schneider Are:

  • He started developing the desire to be a wrestler and was among the best wrestlers and champ in Ohio.

  • Rabbi went to the university of Tampa, Florida and to run away from psychological torments, he thought about becoming many things in life, doctor, lawyer etc since he has already lost his zeal to become a wrestler.

  • He saved a lot of money to see if his dream will come through and later planned to open a disco hall which will really pop in the united states so he planned to find a location to make the business goldmine.

  • To make enough money to travel the country, Rabbi got a job. He started selling encyclopedia door to door and together with his crew, he was promoted to a sale’s manager.

  • Rabbi was determined to start doing spiritual work when he went to a sales manager’s conference meeting one night, when he got there, they were waiting for others to arrive, he got into a conversation with one of the sales manager and he began to tell Rabbi about a book he was reading, about a Swamy from India who beat up a tiger with his bare hands and rabbi was so wowed and fascinated. So he went and bought the book titled “YOGI”, he read it and the book elevated him.

  •  In 1978,in his house, Rabbi set up a little new age temple in his bedroom. One night around 3:30am, Jesus supernaturally introduced himself to him though he has never read the new testament and nobody has ever told him of Jesus. He told his family about his encounter with Jesus, Being brought up by Jewish parents in a Jewish neighborhood, they thought it was a mere dream.

He was Locked Up By His Family

  • Kirt Schneider was locked up by his own family at the age of 20 years only because he said he believed in Christ. He was so naive, he kept talking about Jesus to his family and friends and he was even advised by a friend to get a new testament and he was so excited to read it.

  • Rabbi wears Peyos. He feels the need to identify himself as a unique person for God here on earth. The Lord instructed the children of Israel to wear peyos. And since Rabbi is Jewish, he wants to identify with his maker as a Jew and be a unique witness for Jesus, the Messiah, in the world Leviticus 19 vs 12.

  • Rabbi is not in any way trying to influence other people to grow peyos. In fact, he feels since this was a unique mark that the Lord had upon Israel, the only ones that should consider growing peyos are those that are naturally born Jews.

  • Rabbi stretches out his arm on the viewers on television whenever he is praying which is a symbol of the Word of God that is sharper than a two edged sword and proceeds out of the mouth of Jesus. Hebrew 4 vs 12 and Revelation 1 vs 16

Rabbi Schneider’s official website is discoveringthejewishjesus.com

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  1. i need to know simple things “like what is the bible?” because i need to know how i am to read it. or what does the word “Lord” mean. i found it in the chapter on the ten commandments but where else am I supposed to find out what it means? does he have an email i might be able to ask some questions to.

    • I would suggest a book that made sense to me. It’s How We Got the Bible by Lightfoot. In the 1600’s the term, “Lord” was used as an indication of respect. An assumption that the person you were addressing was of greater authority and/or power than you. This word was used for deities and humans.

    • Very grateful for your Sunday programme on Daystar. I know that you are on many channels and sometimes catch a glimpse. Started watching you during lockdown. Very much appreciate the content. Also puts an interesting and educational perspective for Christians on the Jewish side of things, where God’s story began and will continue. We live in biblical historic times. Praise the Lord.
      I would like to give a small donation but haven’t yet seen the best way forward.
      Trust you can send help in that direction.
      John Booth

    • Kirt Schneider is NOT a Rabbi, but is a self-proclaimed rabbi. Mr. Schneider is not recognized as a Jew nor a Rabbi by Israel because he believes in Jesus and this is which against Jewish Law and tradition.

  2. So sorry that he refers to himself as a rabbi when he literally is not. That would be a lie in Gods eye.
    Otherwise, I find him very convincing.


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