5 Easy Steps to Intentional Fasting and Prayer

5 Easy Steps to Intentional Fasting and Prayer

5 Easy Steps to Intentional Fasting and Prayer

5 Easy Steps to Intentional Fasting and Prayer: Fasting has impacted many people’s lives as Christians.

Fasting is really important in every Christian’s life. Many people in the Bible engage in fasting when they want something extraordinary to happen in their lives.

David humbled himself by fasting and prayer, asking the Lord for strength when his enemies were mocking him and pursuing him in order to destroy him, according to Psalms 35 and 69.

In order to prepare for his service to the world, Jesus fasted for forty days and nights in the wilderness following his baptism.

Do Christians have to fast?

During the time of Jesus Christ, fasting was something reserved for religious people. Jesus knows that if we do not fast, we will become weak spiritually. Fasting is a vital part of the Christian life.

The advantages of fasting

God has certain things in mind for our lives and ministry, but they cannot come to pass unless we fast. Fasting releases people from oppression, breaks down barriers, and helps us recognize God’s power in our lives.

You will witness God’s tremendous influence on your life to a greater extent the more time you spend with Him. Just like the disciples, unless we have spent time with God, there are things that He wills us to accomplish that we are powerless to bring about.

  • Figure Out Your Mission: Before you start fasting, you have to know what your goals are. According to what the Bible says, fasting should be done with a specific goal in mind rather than just depriving oneself for the sake of deprivation. Decide what you want to get out of your fast.
  • Select a Time Frame: Think about your goals for fasting and what you feel you are capable of achieving. A medical practitioner should be consulted before starting a prolonged fast because prolonged periods of not eating might be dangerous.
  • Decide what kind of fast you can do: Based on your purpose and what will help you stay focused on your spiritual objectives, decide what you will not eat or drink throughout your fast. Maybe something is keeping you from focusing on God’s Word, so cutting back on that will give you more time to pray.
  • Use Thanksgiving and Celebration to Complete Your Fast: Consider the Lord’s gift, which will both strengthen you to keep the fast going and clarify his presence and direction. Give God special thanks for the things he has accomplished throughout your fast.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Attention and Time: Fasting is an opportunity to get closer to God.


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