7 Declarations to Speak Over Yourself in 2024

7 Declarations to Speak Over Yourself in 2024

While the world is constantly evolving with 2024 promising to be no different, Life Church senior pastor Craig Groeschel has taken to social media to highlight 7 declarations to speak over Yourself throughout the year.

These verbal incantations, infused with intention and purpose give us the inner strength to face challenges, uncertainties, and perhaps even moments of doubt. By declaration, we speak our desires, fears, and aspirations into existence.

Here, compiled from Craig Groeschel’s Friday Instagram post are declarations to speak over yourself in 2024:

  1. I will look for the good in the world around me
  2. I will believe the best about others
  3. I will not be moved by the praise from fans or criticism from haters
  4. I will not let compliments go to my head or criticism stick in my heart
  5. I will choose in advance to overlook offenses that come my way
  6. Instead of focusing on what others think of me, I will focus on who Christ says I am
  7. With God’s help, I will show his love in every interaction.

Words are powerful. They are potent forces that eventually shape our lives. They have an impact on our behaviors and beliefs.  When we speak positively about ourselves and our objectives, we send strong signals to our subconscious mind, reprogramming it for success and abundance.

Groeschel is encouraging everyone to speak these words of declaration over their lives this year.


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