7 Reasons Why Christians Should Pray The Lord’s Prayer

7 Reasons Why Christians Should Pray The Lord's Prayer

7 Reasons Why Christians Should Pray The Lord’s Prayer

7 Reasons Why Christians Should Pray the Lord’s Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer is a prayer that Jesus Christ taught his disciples, and it’s really important.

We have to know that Jesus Christ has a reason for teaching them the prayer. Prayer is really important for us as Christians because that’s how we talk to God.

For Christians, prayer is very important since it is the foundation of their daily spiritual growth and helps them develop a close relationship with God.

Life can be challenging sometimes, and depending on God is how we can overcome it. Prayer is our way to communicate with God. God loves us, and he wants a close relationship with us.

  1. It was taught by Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer was composed by Jesus after He taught His disciples how to pray in this manner. As Christians, we have to follow the prayer because it was designed by Jesus Christ himself.
  2. It includes the essential parts of prayer: The Lord’s Prayer not only addresses God, but it also emphasizes important aspects of our faith, such as honoring our holy God, asking for direction, forgiveness, and requesting essentials.
  3. It promotes humility: The Lord’s prayers allow us to be humble by acknowledging God as the highest. We submit to the will of God, knowing that God knows the best.
  4. It teaches us to forgive. The Lord’s Prayer encourages Christians to both ask God for forgiveness and to forgive others.
  5. It protects us from temptation. It helps us to pray against temptations and protects us. The devil is always looking for a way to destroy us and lead us down to temptation.
  6. It increases trust in God. It allows us to declare our trust in the Lord. By praying for daily bread, Christians confess our reliance on God for sustenance and general provision. It also causes us to seek Jesus, the Bread of Life, to nourish us spiritually on a daily basis.
  7. It matches our goals with God’s plan: The Lord’s prayer allows us believers to submit to the will of God for us.


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