7 Ways To Get Closer To Jesus Christ

7 Ways To Get Closer To Jesus Christ

7 Ways To Get Closer To Jesus Christ

7 Ways to Get Closer to Jesus Christ: Sometimes in life, we feel like we are not close to God. We often don’t feel God’s presence around us, but God is always there.

What takes us away from God’s presence most of the time is our sinful life. God gave us Jesus Christ to die for us in order to build a close relationship with him.

How to Welcome Jesus into Your Heart

Simply pray and beg Jesus to come into your life to invite Him into your heart.

Admit that you are a sinner in need of a savior, that Jesus died for your sins and rose again, and that you confess your sins to Him. Surrender your life to Him and make a commitment to follow Him. He will enter your heart and change your life.

Confess your sins, beg forgiveness, and devote your life to Jesus. Follow in His footsteps by loving and serving others, reading the Bible, and praying every day.

  1. Pray to Jesus Christ: Accepting Jesus in our lives is not hard to do. It’s one of the best ways tho begin a relationship with Jesus. Acknowledge that Jesus died for you and that you are a sinner.
  2. Recognize Your Desire for Christ: Recognizing your need for Jesus is one of the most important phases of accepting Him into your heart. Jesus came to save us from our sins and to offer us eternal life. But we must acknowledge our need for Him in order to receive His gift.
  3. Admit Your Sins: Repentance is admitting and turning away from our wrongdoings, as well as asking for forgiveness. Repentance helps us have a deep relationship with God.
  4. Have Faith in Your Heart: One of the most important ways to take Jesus into your heart is to believe. It is not merely acknowledging that Jesus exists or that He died for our sins; it is also placing your total trust in Him.
  5. Give Your Life to Jesus: We give Jesus control of our lives when we surrender them to Him. We recognize that we cannot save ourselves and that we require His assistance. This involves humility and trust, but it also results in wonderful peace.
  6. Read Your Bible: The word of God is there to encourage us and guide us through life When we read our bible that brings us closer to Jesus Christ.
  7. Help Others: When we have to know that God wants us to help other people in our lives. Helping other people in our lives can bring us closer to God.



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