9 Powerful Steps for Self-Deliverance by Vlad Savchuk

9 Powerful Steps for Self-Deliverance by Vlad Savchuk

In a teaching shared on his Instagram page, Hungrygen church senior pastor Vlad Savchuk presents to us 9 powerful steps for self-deliverance.

Spiritual deliverance is a gradual and profound process of releasing the weights that are heavy on one’s soul. It entails rediscovering divine essence and removing the darkness that obstructs the inner light. A greater sense of freedom and completeness can be reached after deliverance.

The pursuit of deliverance however is unique to each individual. While some are influenced by traditions passed down through generations, others emerge from individual quests and silent intuitions. However, in faiths across the globe, many consider prayer as a cornerstone of spiritual deliverance.

Many embrace various means of seeking deliverance through prayers which include dependency on people considered spiritually enlightened. However, instead of reaching out to spiritual guides in pursuit of deliverance, Vlad Savchuk highlights 9 powerful insights for self-deliverance.

Savchuk’s approach avoids dependence on external figures. Instead, it empowers individuals to harness their inner strength and navigate their journey with self-reliance.

Here are the 9 steps for self-deliverance according to Vlad Savchuk:

    1. Recognize that there is a demonic activity or an open door
    2. Repent of any known sin
    3. Renounce all contact with the devil and the occult
    4. Remove any demonic object
    5. Relinquish unforgiveness and bitterness
    6. Release yourself in the name of Jesus
    7. Resist the devil who will seek to gain control again.
    8. Replace whatever the Lord has delivered you from with Gods word
    9. Renew your mind in your new identity in Christ


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