ABC’s of What God Can Do by Craig Groeschel

ABC’s of What God Can Do by Craig Groeschel

ABC’s of What God Can Do by Craig Groeschel: God, the omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent force behind the universe, has captivated and inspired humankind for centuries. Throughout history, theologians, philosophers, and believers have sought to understand the divine, exploring its mysteries and unraveling its essence.

God is believed to be a supreme, all-powerful, and all-knowing being, capable of anything and everything. The inquiries into what can God do delve beyond the realm of theological debate and dive into the heart of our understanding of the divine.

In this quest for knowledge, we often turn to familiar tools like letters, numbers, and objects, seeking to grasp the intangible through the concrete.

It is in this regard that Life Church founder and senior pastor Craig Groeschel asserts that “God has a lifeline with every letter of the alphabet.” In Thursday’s Instagram post, He used the alphabet as a guide to share an insight into what God can do.

Here is the alphabetical order of what God can do according to Goreschel:

A: Answer your prayers

B: Bless you abundantly

C: Comforts you when you are hurting

D: Delivers you from evil

E: Empowers you to do His will

F: Forgives you all your sins

G: Gives you your daily bread

H: Heals you when you are sick

I: Illuminates your path

J: Justifies you by his grace

K: Keep you from stumbling

L: Loves you no matter what

M: Moves your mountain

N: Never leaves or forsake you

O: Overcomes your enemies

P: Provides for all your needs

Q: Quiets your darkest fears

R: Restores what you lost

S: Strengthens you when you are weak

T: Transforms your life

U: Understands your pain

V: Vanquishes your darkness

W: Works all things for your good

X: eXtends your grace

Y: Yearns for all of your heart

Z: Zealously pursues you.


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