Pastor Judah Smith: Biography, Age, Family Life, Ministry, And Net Worth

Pastor Judah Smith: Biography, Age, Family Life, Ministry, And Net Worth: Judah Smith is an American pastor, author, and speaker. He is the lead pastor of Churchome (formerly known as The City Church), a multisite church based in Seattle, Washington, with additional locations in Los Angeles and other cities.


Pastor Judah Smith was born to his parents Wendell Smith and Gini Melton Smith on the 9th October 1978. He has only one sibling, a sister who is called Wendy Smith Perez.Pastor Judah Smith is a seventh-generation preacher. His father was a preacher and so was his father’s father. He developed the desire to preach from a very tender age, the age of nine. He also encountered Christ at the age of sixteen.

He attended the Issaquah High School. In high school,  Judah Smith was really good at playing basketball when he was younger and in high school, Judah Smith was a star basketball player. His love for sports has not diminished as he is a very committed golfer, he enjoys it as well as an all-around sports fan. Judah believes the Seahawks are God’s favorite team and is praying for the Sonics to come back to Seattle.

Judah is known for his fresh, relatable, humorous messages that demystify the Bible and highlight the story and life of Jesus. Chelsea is a gifted leader and speaker, noted for her down-to-earth wisdom, authenticity, humor, and strong faith.


4. Some books written by Judah Smith, from Judah’s preaching it is obvious that if he pens down a book, it will be a must read. He is a talented and skilled writer. His books include, Life Is A Forty Day Experience, Jesus Is, I Will Follow Jesus, Love Like Jesus, Jesus Is For You.

Pastor Judah Smith
Judah Smith

Family Life

Pastor Judah and his wife Chelsea Smith have been the Lead Pastors at The City Church of Seattle since September 2009. Chelsea was born on July 18 1978, in the United States of America. The couple are blessed with three children, Zion, Eliott, and Grace. The pastor lives in Seattle, Washington, United States with his family.

Twenty Things You Do Not Know About Pastor Judah Smith
Pastor Judah Smith Family


Pastor Judah Smith: Biography, Age, Family Life, Ministry, And Net Worth


Judah and Chelsea Smith serve on the Leadership Team as the Lead Communicator and Lead Theologian, respectively. Prior to their Leadership Team roles which began in October 2022, they were the Lead Pastors for 13 years and before that, they led Generation Church, the youth ministry of The City Church, for ten years.

Pastor Judah Smith counts Justin Bieber as a close friend and fellow Christian. They met when Justin Bieber’s mother called Smith during Justin’s Seattle tour stop four years ago; Smith met with Justin and they’ve been friends ever since. Smith reportedly texts Justin Bible verses each day. And to critics who’ve mocked him for hanging out with “bad people,” Smith has said, “I think that was one of the criticisms of Jesus.”

He Pastor Judah also an accomplished speaker and organizes seminars and conferences all around the world.

Sermons by Judah Smith include “What happened to my passion?, A troubled mind and An Open Door, Closer to God, Jesus over everything and Take up your bed.

Net Worth

We cannot estimate how much Pastor Judah Smith is worth at the moment. His earnings are yet to be made public.

Social Media

You can follow Pastor Judah Smith on the following social media platforms:


Twitter: @judahsmith

Facebook: Judah Smith

Tiktok: @judah_smith

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