Alph Lukau Declarations and Powerful Prayers for Today


Alph Lukau Prayer for prosperity

Alph Lukau Declarations and Powerful Prayers for Today

Alph Lukau Prayer for prosperity

‘Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten.’

Tonight we destroy generation curses. OPEN your mouth and declare over your own life!

Every parental curse that is affecting your moving forward, receive the Consuming Fire of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ Name!

Destroy every generation curse operating in your life in Jesus’ Name!

Renounce every evil family covenant in your life in Jesus’ Name!

Disassociate your life from every family spirit in Jesus’ Name!

Disassociate yourself from every ancestral covenant in Jesus’ Name!

A Prayer for Prosperity with Pastor Alph Lukau

I want to pray for you according to what the Lord has commanded us to do.
I pray that you may never lack again
I pray that the Lord may make your hands useful in every sector of life
I pray that God may turn your hands into magnets, magnets of wealth
Wherever you are I stretch my hands – may the living God remember you.
I break the spirit of poverty. I break the spirit of debt, I speak debt cancellation in your life
May your debts be cancelled in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Man of God I watch you on YouTube from United State pray that God will send me all he has for me this season in Jesus Name. You look like my husband who God call him with him. One night you said place our hand where needed to be heal, and I place my hand under my arm, where I was having problem, and I was heal from that infirmity and I was heal after I woke up the next morning. I want to thank you, because I always touching and agree with you. May God meet everyone of you and your family need in Jesus Name. I ask that God will bless my grandson who is 22 years and direct him into his plan what God have for him and when it time for him to get marry let it be his spiritual connection in Jesus name. Thank You

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