Apostle Johnson Suleman Sunday Live Service September 13 2020

Apostle Johnson Suleman is set to go live for the Sunday Service of September 13 2020 and it is a Sunday service you will want not to miss. The senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries and the husband of Lizzy Johnson Suleman has changed many lives through his teachings.

Watch and learn from this Sunday Service at Omega Fire Ministries with Apostle Johnson Suleman today September 13 2020 as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

Credit – Celebration TV YouTube 2020 / apostlesuleman.org

Today’s service will start from 9AM USA Time. Stay Tuned …

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  1. Wow papa Apostle Johnson Suleman is a great blessing to the body of Christ,thank you for all this papa message,but please there is one I am looking for title HOLY MADNESS please help me out with it,thank.


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