Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – Care For Others

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons Care For Others

The Action Chapel International Ministry, Ghana shares a new message by Archbishop Duncan-Williams titled “Care For Others ”. In this message, the focal point is that It is critical for the unsaved to be saved. How far are you willing to save the unsaved?

The archbishop admonished us that we should be eager to care for others and not be corrupted. Corruption is all about using what is made for others for yourself. The grace of God should be for others and not for our own personal gain. We are going to stand before God and give an account of the gift that has been bestowed on us.

We should stop seeking the gain and the acceptance of men because eternity awaits us. What is the essence of your life and living? Whatever we do we should care not just for others and now but also the next generation.

This sermon is definitely something you will love to watch.

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