Be Careful About Your Role Models

Be Careful About Your Role Models

Be Careful About Your Role Models

Be Careful About Your Role Models: With social media everywhere, we have to be careful about who influences us. God has not created us to live a worldly life, but we are to represent him all the time.

When we go to social media, we have to follow the right people who will help us grow. Even the music we listen to can have an impact on our lives, so we have to be careful.

The enemy knows that the world can be influenced at large through music and TV shows. There are many singers and TV shows that are promoting demonic activities so that they can steal us from God.

Cartoon industries are also involved in these practices of promoting the devil. They know that children are the hope of the future, so stealing them from God at a young age is easier.

Most singers in the world have confessed that they are working for the devil. Christians are not allowed to pray in public places like schools, markets, and the street, but they allow others to do bad things on the street.

The world is doing its best to stop us Christians from spreading the gospel.

You Become Like Your Role Model

Be Careful About Your Role Models pt2

Jesus Christ is the first person who should be our role model, but we can have people who inspire us too. We have to know that whoever we listen to and watch can influence our lives, and that will make us like them.

As a child of God, you have to understand that you are not allowed to behave like others. When you go on social media, do your best to follow people that allow you to grow and understand godly living.

Follow pastors and Christian musicians so that if your faith is running low, they can encourage you. We have to be careful about those who influence us because God is watching us every day.

With the right role model, you can see growth in your life and even spiritual growth if they are Christians. If you want to start a business, follow people who post business content.

If you want to be more organized, follow people who encourage you to be better. Most of us just go online and watch stupid things that can harm us spiritually and mentally.

There are so many skills that we can learn on social media, like

  • Making bags, clothes, shoes, and jewelry
  • Writing novels, scripts, songs, and business plans
  • Making flowers, cleaning the house, planting flowers
  • Reading the Bible, learning how to sing, and editing

Do The Right Thing

Let’s make sure that this year we are intentional about who influences us. It is important for us to grow and become better at everything that we do here on earth.

You can also talk to people about Jesus Christ on your own social media. So many people are looking for salvation, but they don’t know where to go.

So posting about Jesus Christ can help other people get to know him like you do. Don’t be afraid of doing things that you want, but make sure they are godly because we are serving him.

Go after your dreams and do things that make you happy, but remember to put God first in everything. Our Heavenly Father wants to be involved in everything that we do, but we have to invite him first.


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