Be Fulfilled In The Lord

Be Fulfilled in the Lord

Be fulfilled in the Lord.

Be Fulfilled in the Lord: Many people throughout the world are looking for something that will fulfill them. Most people are looking at things like money, fame, careers, families, friends, and social status to make them feel important.

We have to understand that having a desire for great things in life is not bad, but putting it above God is wrong. Everything that we desire in life, God is aware of because he can see our hearts and read our minds.

As children of God, we have to be first in everything that we do so that we don’t lose ourselves. Many people are claiming that our heavenly father wants to control us, but that’s not true; he wants to guide us.

There are many things in life that can make us lose control and end up in hell. The enemy is working hard every day to steal us from God so that he can destroy us in hellfire.

Some celebrities and wealthy people have lost control of themselves because God is not in their lives.

Matthew 6:26–27

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow, reap, or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they are? Can any one of you, by worrying, add a single hour to your life?”

We don’t know how valuable we are to God sometimes because we focus on our problems more.

Focus on God.

Be Fulfilled in the Lord pt2

There are times in our lives when our problems take up most of our focus, and that’s bad. The Bible instructs us to give thanks to the Lord at all times, but this does not mean we should ignore our emotions.

Giving thanks to God and focusing on him does not mean that we are ignoring our situations. God takes control when we give thanks to him, and whatever the enemy meant for harm, he’ll turn it for good.

We are not meant to go through life on our own strength because we are of God. Doors of prosperity are open for us, and our heavenly father has sent people to help us.

Some of us are sick, and others might have lost their loved ones, but the Holy Spirit is there to comfort us. With the right faith, we can heal ourselves because having faith means that you trust God.

God loves us and is always interested in what we do. He wants us to invite him into our lives by our free will so that he can take care of us.

When things are going great or not, give thanks to the most high God. Life is full of trials, and giving thanks to God during difficult times can bring us comfort.

It helps us focus on what we have rather than what we lack, and we understand that our Lord is good all the time.


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