Bebe Winans Debuts New Song “Father In Heaven”

Bebe Winans Debuts New Song "Father In Heaven"

Bebe Winans Debuts New Song “Father In Heaven”

Legendary gospel artist, Bebe Winans has once again blessed us with a new song titled, “Father In Heaven.” Teaming up with the talented Gerald Albert, Winans delivers a soul-stirring performance like no other.

Gerald Albert’s collaboration adds depth and richness to the song. He complements Winans’ vocals with his own unique style and passion for gospel music. Together, they create a powerful synergy that uplifts the soul and inspires hope in times of uncertainty.

“Father In Heaven” is not just a song to be listened to; it’s a spiritual experience that touches the heart and lifts the spirit. With its timeless message of faith and devotion, this song is sure to become a cherished favorite among fans of gospel music everywhere.

The song is available for stream and download. Check the link on his Instagram bio.

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