10 Things You Don’t Know About Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn is an Israelite that was born on the 2nd of December, 1952 to a Palestine with Greek-Egyptian heritage Parents. He moved with his family to Toronto Ontario, Canada in 1968, after the Arab-Israeli war in 1967

He had a new change of life and became a christian in 1972 at the age of 20, greatly influenced by a Female Evangelist Kathiyn Kulmar through her ‘miracle service’ which he often attended.

Moving to the United States in 1983, he founded the Orlando Christian Center Florida. He is a great televangelist who was widely known for his ‘Miracle crusades’ and became  a force to be reckon in the Christian television network, where his TV program “This is Your Day” was among the world  most watched christian programs.

He is an author, a husband ,a father and a grandfather.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Pastor Benny Hinn Include:

  1. He was born in Jaffa, Israel and he later migrated to Toronto, Ontario in Canada in 1968.

  2. Benny got married to his wife Suzanne Harthern  on the 4th of  August, 1979.

  3. Together with his wife Suzanne, they had four children: 3 girls and a boy, namely: Jessica Hinn, Natasha Hinn, Hannah Hinn and Joshua Hinn.

  4. His wife Suzanne Harthern filed for divorce in Orange County superior Court in California on 1st February 2010 based on irreconcilable differences.

  5.  He was accused of having an affair with a fellow televangelist Paula White in July, 2010 which he denied.

  6. On 3rd March 2013, he re-married Suzanne Harthern at the Holy Land Experience Park in a traditional way after reconciling his differences with her.

  7. He was wedded by Rev. Jack Hayford at Holy Land Experience Park when he re- married Suzanne in 2013.

  8. He stated that the split between him and his wife was as a result of her addiction to prescribed drugs and antidepressants and his absence and lack of time for his wife and children.

  9. Benny Hinn owns a $685,000 home in Orlando and a Mercedes-benz.

  10. He conducts ‘Miracle Crusade’ a faith healing event that is held in major cities throughout the world for healing.

His official website is bennyhinn.org

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