Billy Graham’s Daily Devotional For Today 5th May, 2018  

Billy Graham’s Daily Devotional For Today 5th May, 2018

 Theme – The Need For Love

Keep yourselves in the love of God . . .

—Jude 1:21
A husband and wife visited an orphanage where they hoped to adopt a child. In an interview with the boy they wanted, they told him in glowing terms about the many things they could give him. To their amazement the little fellow said, “If you have nothing to offer except a good home, clothes, toys, and the other things that most kids have—why, I would just as soon stay here.” “What on earth could you want besides those things?” the woman asked. “I just want someone to love me,” replied the little boy. There you have it! Even a little boy knows that “man shall not live by bread alone.” Our deeper yearnings and longings can be met only by a renewed fellowship with the One in whose image we were created, God.

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Prayer for the day

Thank You for loving me, God. This knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I praise and love You, my heavenly Father

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