Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr: Biography, Ministry, And Net Worth

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr: Biography, Family, And Net Worth: Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. is a prominent pastor and religious leader in the Christian community. He is known for his leadership within the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) denomination.


Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr, is the son of Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Snr, that served Bethel Church for sixty years. On his part, Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr has served the church for a total period of forty years.

He came to Bethel Institutional Church, in 1995 and aided his father to spearhead the activities of the Church. He latter stepped into his father’s shoes as the Senior Pastor of Bethel Institutional Church.

In June of 2008, McKissick was consecrated and elevated into the high office of Bishop in the Lord’s church within the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International, under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and serves as the Bishop of the state of Florida for the Fellowship. He also serves on various boards, which include being a national board member of the National Action Network, founded by Rev. Al Sharpton.


He obtained his bachelor degrees from the University of Jacksonville, from which he has a twin major specialization in Field Music: Sacred Music and Opera and Pipe Organ Performance as minor specialization.

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr, obtained his Masters of Divinity from Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Religion at Virginia, Union University and his doctoral degree from United Theological Seminar, where he was awarded with the Doctor of Ministry Degree

The Virginia Union University and Bethune Cookman University, awarded Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr, honorary Doctor of Divinity. Interestingly, in 2008, Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr was made the prelate of Bethel Institutional Baptist Church after proper sanctification by Bishop S. Morton.

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr of Bethel Institutional Church has been a doctoral mentor at the United Theological Seminary, Dayton , Ohio, in which he served in a professorial capacity.

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr Family

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr, married Kimberly Joy Nichols and their union is blessed with three children: Joshua, Janai and Jocelyn. He is acknowledged nationally and internationally and he has distinguished himself as an academician, preacher, clergy and teacher .

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth


Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. has served as the senior pastor of the Bethel Church in Jacksonville, Florida, for many years. Under his leadership, Bethel Church has grown into one of the largest and most influential congregations within the COGIC denomination.

He is known for his dynamic preaching and teaching, which has inspired and guided many individuals in their faith journeys. His sermons often address relevant and contemporary issues while emphasizing biblical principles.

Bishop McKissick has been actively involved in community outreach and social justice initiatives. He and his congregation have worked to address various community needs, including providing assistance to those in need and promoting positive change in the Jacksonville area.

Within the COGIC denomination, Bishop McKissick has held leadership positions and has been involved in the governance and decision-making processes of the church. His contributions to the denomination have helped shape its direction and vision.

Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jnr: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth


Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. comes from a family with a long history of ministry within the COGIC denomination. He has continued and expanded upon the legacy of his late father, Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick Sr., by leading and growing the Bethel Church congregation.

He is also a recognized and certified musician with some nationally acknowledged music projects to his name, such as ‘The Recovery’ which was launched and acknowledged on the National Bill Board Chart. His book ‘ God’s Got My Back’ was placed as the first on the International Publisher’s chart in July, 2010.

Bethel Experience

Furthermore, under the leadership of Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr, the Bethel Institutional Church is now famously known as the Bethel experience, a place of worship, that is known for its diversity, energy and vibrancy. Pathetically, Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr was diagnosed with stage-two prostate cancer at 47 and the cancer is rampant with African-American men.

Net Worth

We cannot estimate how much Bishop Rudolf Mckissick Jr, is worth . Information about his earnings are not made public.

Social Media

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