Ryan Maher: Biography, Family Life, Journey of Faith And Net Worth

Ryan Maher: Biography, Family Life, Journey of Faith, And Net Worth: Ryan Maher is a 37-year-old American graphics designer, entrepreneur, and podcaster from Indiana. He is popular for his invention: the Bible Lock Screen which he uses as a form of online ministry. The Bible Lock Screens app is the #1 most popular Christian wallpaper app for iOS. It’s also available for Android devices on Google Play.


Ryan Maher was born in 1985. He hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, although there is no other information about his parents and his growing up.

The Blogger was born into a catholic that did not attend church regularly. Ryan decided to follow Christ during his sophomore year after he was preached to by his uncle. 

Family Life

Ryan Maher is married to Brittany Maher and the marriage is blessed with a daughter named, Ariana. His wife, Brittany is an author and an evangelist. She is the founder of Her True Worth, a large and growing online community designed to liberate an entire generation of faith-filled women with the freedom found in discovering their true worth in Christ. 


Ryan Maher had his college education at Indiana State University. 

Journey To Faith

Coming from a catholic family which did not attend church regularly except on Christmas and Easter, Ryan knew very little about God. It was on Thanksgiving, during his sophomore year in high school that his uncle had talked to him about Christ. Ryan said that since then he became hungry for God and desired to know him. He started to read the bible which his uncle had given to him, to find out more about eternal life.

In his high school, he got involved with a group known as “Campus Student Saved For Christ” which he started with his friends. 


Ryan Maher is someone who loves the Lord and wants to make a difference. He describes himself as a Jesus follower. Encourager. Entrepreneur. Graphic Designer. App Developer. Blogger. And Podcaster. He uses the internet as a tool to spread the gospel and to encourage people. 

he has built many followers on Instagram where he is daily encouraging people through posts and videos. According to him, it is a privilege to be the light and a source of encouragement to people. He writes about various topics such as faith, relationships, entrepreneurship, making money online, life and technology.

Ryan has also served different ministries. 


Ryan also has a podcast which is known as “The Christian Quotes podcast with Ryan Maher”. It is a podcast created for everyone and it aims at providing the Christian with quick, daily encouragement from the Bible and well-known Christian authors, 7-days a week.

Each episode features a Christian Quote, along with Scripture and commentary. Also, Each episode ends with an awesome resource that every Christian is sure to love. The podcast is more of a daily audio devotional meant to encourage you and help you make a difference for the Lord, as we all could use a little more encouragement throughout our days. 

There is also an online course by Ryan for Instagram which is called “Audience Explosion for Instagram”.

The mobile-optimized video training course, with tools and strategies that will fast-track your ability to grow your audience on Instagram to well over 100,000 followers. This is for people who want to build an audience, make an impact or grow their business on Instagram. 

The Bible Lock Screens App

According to Ryan Maher, the inspiration for the Bible Lockscreen came during the advent of IOS. He was reading a Joyce Meyer book: The Battlefield of the Mind when he saw a quote that he related to. there and then he decided to make it his lock screen. 

The father of one started making quotes and images as lock screens to encourage himself and he also sent them to his friend. He proceeded to create a website for it and also learned how to make an app. 

The main aim of the app is to reach out to a lot of people and encourage them daily. Today, Ryan has over 1500 images and he is planning on adding a devotional to it. 

Net Worth 

Ryan Maher’s net worth is not known. However, his income comes from his work as an app developer and a graphics designer. 

Social Media

You can reach out to Ryan on Instagram @ryan.maher.

Also, you can follow Bible Lock Screen on Instagram @biblelockscreens


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