Bishop E.W. Jackson Launches Presidential Campaign

The Exodus Faith Ministries founder and licensed Baptist minister Bishop E.W. Jackson Launches a presidential campaign in a bid to become the 2024 president of the United States.

In a July 14 news report provided to Standard Newswires by the American conservative politician, he announced the launch of his presidential campaign “aimed at challenging the status quo and giving a voice to the millions of evangelical voters who have long been taken for granted by the Republican National Committee (RNC).”

Jackson contends that the Republican National Committee “has capitalized on the support of evangelical voters while failing to deliver on their promises and advance the conservative values that are deeply rooted in the Christian faith.” He however noted that he is adamant about changing the RNC pattern and ushering in a new era of moral leadership that is inspired by the Bible and dedicated to defending the Constitution.

His campaign aims at “protecting religious liberties, defending the unborn, promoting strong family structures, securing the borders, and restoring economic prosperity through limited government and free-market principles.”

“It is time for a true Christian revival, a movement that places God, family, and country at the forefront. The establishment has ignored the voices of millions of patriotic Christian Americans for far too long.”

“I am here to disrupt the status quo, challenge the powers that be, and ensure that the Christian vote is no longer taken advantage of. Together, we can restore our nation’s morals,” said Jackson while launching his presidential campaign.

Worried that Jackson’s presidential campaign lack media publicity after its launch, the American conservative charismatic TV evangelist and faith healer, Andrew Wommack took to Instagram Tuesday to create its awareness.

“My good friend and fellow patriot, E. W. Jackson has announced his bid to become the next president of the United States, he wrote. “I know many of you have seen him on my broadcasts and have heard him speak at my meetings and I thought you would like to know.”

“E.W. filed his paperwork and declared his candidacy a week ago, but I have yet to see any mention in the media that he is running for president. So, I thought I would let you know.”


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