Bishop Jackie McCullough Sermons – Lord, Help My Mind – Part 1

Bishop Jackie McCullough Sermons Lord Help My Mind – Part 1

The International Gathering at Beth Rapha shares this new sermon by Bishop Jackie McCullough titled “Lord Help My Mind – Part 1”. The main text is taken from the book of Romans 8:26.

Writing on her Youtube channel, Bishop Jackie wrote the topic ‘In the midst of trial and afflictions, the Lord has yet appointed help for the minds of His people! With circumstances threatening the stability of the people of God, the Father sends a sure Word — there is help!”

The holy spirit, which has been given to us is the spirit of Jesus which helps us. The spirit continues to help whenever we find ourselves in need of help. How does the spirit help us? He gives us new birth so that we can have new life. We should learn to recognize the holy spirit as a helper because it is through him that we will continue our relationship with God.

This sermon will teach you more about the person of the holy spirit and it is something you will love to watch.

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