Bishop T.D Jakes: It’s Worth The Wait

Today, we bring you a message from Bishop T.D Jakes titled “ It’s Worth The Wait”. The text for the message is from the book of Luke 15 where the story of the prodigal is told.

In this message, Bishop T.D Jakes teaches us about the importance of waiting for God’s appointed time even when it seems unwise to do so.

After blowing through his inheritance in the worst ways possible, the Prodigal Son found himself penniless and starving. Desperate, he ended up working in disgusting pig pens with an appetite for slop! He eventually had an epiphany about his horrid behavior and returned to his father, repenting and asking just to be hired as a servant. Instead of shaming him, his father ran to him and welcomed him with open arms! Like the dad in this parable, God has unwavering, unconditional love for you and is waiting for you to come back home! On this Father’s Day, let us embrace Him and find solace in His everlasting love and forgiveness.

Bishop Jakes tell us in this message that the reason why the father of the prodigal son ran when he saw him was because, he (the prodigal son) was worth the wait.Even when the son did not think that he was worthy of anything any longer.

God Is On The Run, he’s chasing you he’s longing for you he’s looking for you, he’s turning over stuff trying to find you. God wants you back, It doesn’t matter what you have done.

This is a message that will change your life

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