Bishop T.D Jakes: Prayer Partners II

Here is the second part of the sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes titled “Prayer Partners II.” The text for this message is from Romans 8:22–27. In this message, Bishop T.D. Jakes is trying to make us understand that God is an audible God as well as an articulate God that speaks. This is one of the first things he teaches us about himself. He has a language that the whole creation understands.

It is important that we understand that God is a speaking God. He is articulate and has the ability to communicate. We have a God who speaks to us, through us, and for us. God understands the importance of communication; therefore, the first thing he does is speak. John 1:1 tells us that “in the beginning was the word…” to show us that God speaks.

The bishop stressed further that God speaks to everyone in their own language because he is an audible God. If you cannot put your feelings into words, he understands your groaning and moaning. He created us in His image, speaking us into existence with a spirit, a soul, and a body. These three parts war within us, but Paul teaches us to be led by the spirit. Do not pray solely on the basis of your intelligence or feelings.Your spirit, soul, and body must partner together.

He also pointed out that, just as the scripture had said, there are times when we do not know what to pray for. There are those times that you cannot pray out of your feelings because it is practically impossible. It is in this very situation that the spirit intercedes for us.

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