Bishop T.D Jakes Sunday Live Service August 21 2022

This is the Sunday live service at The Potters House of Dallas on August 21 2022 with Bishop T.D Jakes and it is a service that will be filled with praise, worship and teachings of the Bible as always. T.D Jakes who is the senior Pastor and founder of The Potters House and a good Bible Teacher has transformed the lives of many Americans, Africans and Australians through his teachings and lifestyle.

Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, T.D Jakes took to Instagram to write:

“Can’t wait to pick up where we left off. The Grace to Make Changes Pt. 2! Hurry and join us at 9:00 cdt this morning! Or stream at! I can feel the 🔥 burning!!!”

Watch and learn from this Sunday live service on August 21 2022 with Bishop T.D Jakes as we bring the latest Sunday services from Churches across the United States of America to you.

Video Credit: Bishop T.D Jakes YouTube

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