Celebrations as Pastor Steven Furtick Turns 44

Celebrations as Pastor Steven Furtick Turns 44

Celebrations as Pastor Steven Furtick Turns 44

Social media platforms buzzed with birthday wishes today for the renowned pastor and author Steven Furtick, who is celebrating his 44th birthday.

As the founder and senior pastor of Elevation Church, a megachurch with campuses across the United States, Furtick’s birthday is marked by an outpouring of appreciation and recognition for his impact on countless lives.

Leading the celebration is Furtick’s wife, Holly, co-founder of Elevation Church. She shared a heartfelt message on social media, accompanied by photos of Steven with his family, stating, “you are the face we call home. Happy Birthday my love.”

The Elevation church Furtick founded in 2006 also commemorated the occasion with a celebratory post.

“Happy birthday pastor Steven we’re so grateful for your voice in our lives over the past year ,” The team shared on Instagram real with some video clips of their favorite moments  with the pastor.

Tributes also flowed in from church members, fellow pastors, and admirers worldwide, highlighting Furtick’s influence on both personal faith and social change.

Steven Furtick’s journey began early, with a calling to preach felt at a young age. After earning a degree in Christian Education from Liberty University, he saw Elevation grow from a small gathering in a living room to a multi-campus church with a robust online presence, reaching millions across the globe.

Other than his leadership at Elevation, Furtick is known for his prolific writing. His bestselling books, including “Greater,” “Seven-mile Miracle,” and his latest, “Do The New You,” have resonated with readers seeking faith-based inspiration and guidance.

Furtick’s birthday however marks not just a personal milestone, but an opportunity to celebrate his contributions to the wider community.

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